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Torsten Emmanuel

Chief Information Officer, ATOS Kliniken

Torsten Emmanuel

“IT is the backbone of any organization. This is especially true in medicine, where mistakes can be costly. Riedel has proven to be an excellent partner and the decision for a managed network was good and right in every respect.”

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Tobias Dölder

Head IT Systems, Faller Packaging

Tobias Dölder

“Thanks to Riedel Networks, Faller Packaging now has a modern, fully redundant, highly transparent and highly available SD-WAN network connecting our seven European offices and 1,300 employees. From the business headquarters to the factory floors to the warehouse, our people are now equipped for dynamic manufacturing with quotas to meet at short notice, because they can rely on a stable infrastructure – and my IT team has found the ideal partner to guarantee flawless network function.”

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Linus Linder

Head of IT at Müller, Die lila Logistik AG

Linus Linder

“Today’s IT challenges are no longer about maintaining infrastructure. IT must add value by helping employers and customers stay ahead of the competition. Our SD-WAN is running perfectly and we have not had a single outage since we switched (to RIEDEL) from our MPLS. Riedel manages our network infrastructure and Internet connectivity, so we can focus on providing the best possible support to our customers. The company negotiated new agreements with our last-mile providers on our behalf and helped us save on unnecessary telecommunications costs. We reinvest this saved money in managed services. So we’re accomplishing a lot more with the same amount of spending.”

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A Flexible Partner for a Complex Project

“The simplicity of working with such a professional and flexible partner has lowered our costs. Over the past three years, we would have likely had to invest 30% more in our network had we gone with a different supplier. The partnership we have with them, from their account management to technical consultancy, has proven to add high value for Kyocera Document Solutions Europe time and again.”

Thomas Schroeder, Manager IT Operations Management at KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V.
Tobias Dölder Portrait

A privileged partnership

“Thanks to Riedel Networks, Faller Packaging now has a state-of-the-art, fully redundant, high-visibility, and high-availability SD-WAN network connecting our six European production sites and 1,300 employees. From our head office to our shop floors and warehouses, our people can meet our fast-paced production quotas knowing that our infrastructure is rock solid, and my IT team has found the perfect partner to help keep our network running smoothly.”

Tobias Dölder, Head IT Systems, Faller Packaging

We found the perfect partner

“IT is the backbone of any organization, especially in medical settings with no room for failure. Riedel has proven to be an exceptional partner, and opting for a managed network was the right decision in every respect.”

Torsten Emmanuel, Chief Information Officer, ATOS Kliniken

Innovating Communication Solutions with Riedel Networks

“Having the right partner in business—and in life—will help you take the right steps to overcome your difficulties. Riedel has proven to be a great partner, not just in development but throughout the support process. To me, this peace of mind of a reliable connection and a reliable partner is invaluable. I look forward to collaborating with them on a radio solution for race cars in other competitive spheres.”

John Steeghs, Senior Manager Team Management and Logistics at TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe GmbH
Linus Linder Portrait

Our SD-WAN works perfectly!

“Today’s #IT challenges no longer lie in maintaining infrastructure. #IT must add value by helping employers and customers stay ahead of the competition. Our SD-WAN works perfectly, and we haven’t experienced a single outage since we switched over (to RIEDEL) from MPLS. Riedel handles our network infrastructure and our connection to the internet, leaving us to focus on best serving our customers. They have negotiated new agreements with the relevant last-mile providers on our behalf. They have helped us eliminate unnecessary telecommunications expenses, and we have invested this money in managed services. With the same amount of money, we’re doing so much more..”

Linus Linder, Head of IT at Müller - Die lila Logistik AG

Riedel connects two worlds for us: Broadcast and IT.

When it comes to broadcasting a first-class event like Formula 1, a strong and reliable partnership is an absolute must. We have been working with Riedels RiLink for many years. As soon as the fiber optic cable is connected to our production unit, all systems wake up, immediately connect to their hosts and start sending files or messages.

Friedrich Behringer, Technical Operations Manager, RTL NEWS

“Achieving great things together: partnership with Riedel Networks to realize a driverless race car”.

Daniel Kohl
Director Technical Development Motorsport at Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

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EGU relies on RIEDEL Networks - Reference

This is how SD-WAN succeeds in providing more growth and network stability. The high-availability infrastructure is stable, reliable and has a guaranteed availability of 99.9%.

Learn how ATOS Klinken managed to modernize and optimize their network with a Fully Managed SD-WAN. In addition, problems and challenges are addressed and possible solutions are identified.

Mockup der Case Study mit den ATOS Kliniken
Mockup der Case Study mit den ATOS Kliniken

Learn how CTDI succeeded in building the optimal MPLS infrastructure with Riedel Networks and why “big does not necessarily mean better”.

Come along on the Müller – lila Logistik journey and find out what added value you can derive from your IT infrastructure.

RIEDEL Networks Success Story with Müller - die lila Logistik AG
RIEDEL Networks Case Study with Faller

Discover the exciting challenges that Faller Packaging has been able to solve together with us!

Here we reveal how it is actually possible to control a racing car completely remotely from a distance of 80 kilometers and at top speeds. Just think of the latency required to drive steep curves remotely at over 100 km/h!

RIEDEL Networks Case Study with Schaeffler Technologies
RIEDEL Networks Case Study with Toyota Gazoo Racing

What does it actually mean when a corporation has to change its entire communication and IT infrastructure from one day to the next because a pandemic prevents real-time communication in the motorsport world? We have found a solution together with Toyota Gazoo Racing!

What does it actually mean when a service provider promises that you’ll “never have to open a ticket again”? Read now how we have built a pan-European network with Kyocera.

RIEDEL Networks Case Study with Toyota Gazoo Racing
RIEDEL Networks Case Study with Pantaenius

Why it doesn’t always have to be the big German communications provider to run the backbone and what other advantages can be gained by choosing a provider specializing in personalized support.

Has there ever been an IT project without surprises? This is doubtful. And if you answer “no,” you probably haven’t been in the industry long enough. Find out which challenges we have solved with Grenke.

RIEDEL Networks Case Study with GRENKE
Bernhard Pussel knows the references and customers
Bernhard Pussel

Chief Sales Officer

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