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The Virtual Overlay Networks business includes products and services related to virtual networks overlaid on top of the physical transport layer. Virtual overlay networks make it possible to implement additional functions and services on an existing network without changing the physical network itself.

Here you will find all the essentials about our overlay network solutions, which enable companies to respond more flexibly to changing requirements and provide new network services without affecting the existing network infrastructure.

If the challenges of proper network bandwidth management, security measures and managing mobile devices are keeping you up at night, we probably have some unpleasant news for you: “At the rate IT is changing today, these challenges are going to get bigger, not smaller, in the foreseeable future.”

Setting up a modern and absolutely secure infrastructure to manage mobile devices that are constantly on the Internet or to throttle bandwidth-intensive applications is now a must. Those who opt for a scalable network solution that grows with increasing requirements have an advantage.

Find out why in a conversation with us….

virtual overlay networks
Virtual overlay network solutions for enterprises and institutions
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Everything from one source

The dynamics of work are changing. As a result, network and security teams can no longer work in isolation from each other, responding to the same issues in parallel, but must be prepared for the next disruption. Designed for today’s hybrid work environments, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) enables you to reduce the complexity of managing more remote users, devices, applications and data across multiple clouds while minimizing risk in a changing and ever-growing threat landscape.

SASE unites

– Networking

a) Software Defined – Wide Area Network (SD-WAN),

– as well as cloud-based security

b) Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB),

c) Firewall as a Service (FWaaS),

d) Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and

e) Zero Touch Networks Access (ZTNA)

And along the way, provides analytics and insights in a single, cloud-based solution delivered as a service to ensure optimal, secure connectivity from any user and device to any cloud.

We have all the necessary building blocks for your SASE foundation, including the cloud-managed tools, analytics and insights you need to deliver the unified experiences your users demand – no matter what the future holds.

Our SASE solution is based on our SD-WAN Premium or SD-WAN Core product in collaboration with Cisco Umbrella. This means that our customers benefit from an almost uniquely seamless and coordinated software and hardware infrastructure.

Managed SD-WAN Premium2023-07-05T14:06:23+02:00

100% cloud-based, 100% persuasive.

Connect all your users to any application with the multicloud, security, and application optimization features built into Managed SD-WAN Premium – all in a SASE-enabled architecture.

Your company’s headquarters, data centers, network branch offices, campus environments, and on-premise or cloud-based Software as a Service solutions are connected in a common Software Defined Network (SD-WAN) to improve network speed, security, and efficiency.

– More transparency

Expand your network visibility. You get meaningful information with vAnalytics that helps you transform network operations from a reactive to a highly proactive model.

– Convergence of network and security

Put an end to isolated technologies with converged network and security solutions. Simpler, results-oriented Nextgeneration Firewall solutions with IDS/IPS enable a faster transition to a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture. Clear network segmentation enables the separation of different business units.

– Optimized for the Multicloud

Cloud OnRamp provides a unified policy with IaaS integrations, an enhanced application experience with SaaS optimization, and cloud-agnostic network connectivity with Cloud Interconnect.

– Cloud-scalable infrastructure

The scalable Cisco SD-WAN fabric supports high availability and throughput, multigigabit port options, 5G mobile links, and high-performance encryption.

Managed SD-WAN Premium is 100% based on Cisco SD-WAN (aka viptela) and is therefore fully homogeneous to our transport network offerings.

Managed SD-WAN Core2023-07-05T14:06:20+02:00

Less is more: Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki solutions dramatically simplify enterprise networks. Central cloud management eliminates the complexity of traditional network architectures and thereby reduces costs enormously.

We provide you with a Cisco Meraki-based managed SD-WAN that allows you to easily manage your IT from a central platform – no matter what time it is or where you are located

More than 1,000,000 Meraki networks in 147 countries around the world already benefit from

– Comprehensive security features, network and application control
– Next-generation firewall with content filtering, web search filtering, automatic VPN, SNORT®-based intrusion prevention, and web caching.
– Multiple WAN uplinks and automatic 4G/5G failover.
– High performance with lower bandwidth costs
– Directly combinable with our transport network solutions
– and SASE ready

Central overview platform of users, endpoints and applications for all kinds of Meraki devices, such as SD-WAN routers, local switches, cameras, mobile gateways, sensors or WiFi hotsports.

For their part, no controller hardware or management software is needed anymore.

Get fast IT rollouts, software and feature updates directly from the cloud.

You get a scalable network solution from small branch offices to large networks. You will have lower costs in implementing and managing the network than before. Your existing Meraki infrastructure can be accommodated by in our multi-tenant management system.

Managed SD-WAN Core is 100% Cisco Meraki based and therefore fully homogeneous to our transport network offerings.

Want more advantages?

24/7 service

The network simply has to work. Item.

24/7 service

That’s why our experts in the Network Operations Center (NOC) take care of nothing else around the clock, 365 days a year. Because your virtual overlay network, is our passion. Do not believe us? Then simply ask us to send you our Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Now convinced?

Cloud usage

If the users complain, it is not good enough

Cloud usage

With applications moving to the cloud, such as Microsoft’s Office 365, smart routing methods are needed so users can work with systems quickly and effectively. We will gladly show you how intensity-based routing works

Cyber Security

on the safe side with us

Cyber Security

By combining network and security capabilities into a single platform, enterprises can take a holistic approach to security and minimize potential vulnerabilities. We know how to do this.

Let’s network!

Nothing conveys your own ideas and expectations of virtual overlay networks better than a personal conversation!

David Hofacker is happy to advise on virtual overlay networks

You have questions, already an idea or are simply looking for competent sparring? We are always happy to receive a call!

David Hofacker, Business Development Manager

Virtual overlay network solutions for enterprises and institutions
Who already relies on Riedel Networks
Full control

Stay informed – our dashboards show you the status of your virtual overlay network. From everywhere!

Trust is good, control is better! With our solutions you remain master of your network and have full access to your virtual overlay networks at any time!

Virtual overlay networks with monitoring
Thomas Schroeder Portrait

A Flexible Partner for a Complex Project

“The simplicity of working with such a professional and flexible partner has lowered our costs. Over the past three years, we would have likely had to invest 30% more in our network had we gone with a different supplier. The partnership we have with them, from their account management to technical consultancy, has proven to add high value for Kyocera Document Solutions Europe time and again.”

Thomas Schroeder, Manager IT Operations Management bei KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V.
Tobias Dölder Portrait

A privileged partnership

“Thanks to Riedel Networks, Faller Packaging now has a state-of-the-art, fully redundant, high-visibility, and high-availability SD-WAN network connecting our six European production sites and 1,300 employees. From our head office to our shop floors and warehouses, our people can meet our fast-paced production quotas knowing that our infrastructure is rock solid, and my IT team has found the perfect partner to help keep our network running smoothly.”

Tobias Dölder, Head IT Systems, Faller Packaging

We found the perfect partner

“IT is the backbone of any organization, especially in medical settings with no room for failure. Riedel has proven to be an exceptional partner, and opting for a managed network was the right decision in every respect.”

Torsten Emmanuel, Chief Information Officer, ATOS Kliniken
John Steeghs_bw

Innovating Communication Solutions with Riedel Networks

“Having the right partner in business—and in life—will help you take the right steps to overcome your difficulties. Riedel has proven to be a great partner, not just in development but throughout the support process. To me, this peace of mind of a reliable connection and a reliable partner is invaluable. I look forward to collaborating with them on a radio solution for race cars in other competitive spheres.”

John Steeghs, Senior Manager Team Management and Logistics at TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe GmbH
Linus Linder Portrait

Our SD-WAN works perfectly!

“Today’s #IT challenges no longer lie in maintaining infrastructure. #IT must add value by helping employers and customers stay ahead of the competition. Our SD-WAN works perfectly, and we haven’t experienced a single outage since we switched over (to RIEDEL) from MPLS. Riedel handles our network infrastructure and our connection to the internet, leaving us to focus on best serving our customers. They have negotiated new agreements with the relevant last-mile providers on our behalf. They have helped us eliminate unnecessary telecommunications expenses, and we have invested this money in managed services. With the same amount of money, we’re doing so much more..”

Linus Linder, Head of IT at Müller - Die lila Logistik AG

Riedel connects two worlds for us: Broadcast and IT.

When it comes to broadcasting a first-class event like Formula 1, a strong and reliable partnership is an absolute must. We have been working with Riedels RiLink for many years. As soon as the fiber optic cable is connected to our production unit, all systems wake up, immediately connect to their hosts and start sending files or messages.

Friedrich Behringer, Technical Operations Manager, RTL NEWS
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