The mission of Dyn Media, founded by former DFL Chairman Christian Seifert, in cooperation with Axel Springer, is to put previously underrepresented sports in Germany’s media spotlight and to bring their TV production to a new level. The streaming service has already secured the media rights for other national leagues such as the Table Tennis Bundesliga TTBL and the Volleyball Bundesliga VBL and is scheduled to go live in June 2023.

The production of more than 700 matches per season has been entrusted to the leading global production company NEP Germany. Dyn relies on flexible and innovative connectivity and technical innovations to realize a reliable, sustainable remote production based on the highest standards – through the services of Riedel Networks.

The partnership will see Riedel Networks bundle all audio and video signals from over 70 venues across Germany at the Dyn sites in Cologne and Munich to be processed in two Virtual Production Units (VPU). These are connected via Riedel Networks’ own network in a redundant 10-gig fiber ring to the cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Dyn Operations Centre (DOC) in Wuppertal, where more than 1,300 matches on up to 160 production calendar days are to be serviced.

“Especially in innovative and sustainable remote productions, connectivity is an essential umbilical cord. With Riedel Networks, we have chosen an experienced connectivity partner that can really guarantee smooth operations,” said Andreas Heyden, CEO of Dyn Media.

Michael Martens, CEO, Riedel Networks, added: “After more than 10 years in this business with mainly international projects such as Formula 1 or summer and winter games, we are particularly pleased to be able to support such an important national project from the very beginning. Riedel Networks has unrivaled expertise in sports broadcast network services and has been providing national and international customers with reliable 24/7 managed WAN services and permanent, flexible connectivity for years. This partnership is a perfect match, considering Dyn’s glass-to-glass strategy, where new types of content and format production require an IP-enabled, innovative, and highly reliable media backbone.”

Serkan Güner
Public Relations Manager
Telefon +49 202 292-9517