(We are the) Kingz in the Biz

The story and voice behind the song

When you think of the team behind a provider of network and IT security solutions, you often get the image of a pack of techies in darkened offices where all you can hear is the rhythmic clacking of keyboards. That, or something like that, is how it is at RIEDEL Networks, but behind the scenes you meet completely different types of people – one of them is Lukas.

Painted fingernails, dyed blonde hair and fancy earrings. That’s him, Lukas, our Warehouse employee, who has always seemed a bit more special than others – or as he puts it so well, “not one of the typical run-of-the-mill types”. “Lukas is one of our esteemed colleagues and an ambitious music producer. In this article, you can find out how Lukas came to RIEDEL Networks, what inspired him to write the song and why some of our colleagues like to hang out in his office.

How life goes

Luke’s life was not always easy and straightforward. Numerous moves and associated changes of school meant constant adjustments and the challenge of making new social contacts. However, he showed a remarkable openness early on, which enabled him to find his way in different environments. In twelfth grade, however, Lukas experienced a difficult phase that led him to withdraw from school. A phase of no enthusiasm, which seems normal for teenagers, was accompanied by health factors in his case and led to a lack of energy and demotivation. One thing was clear to him: going back to school was not an option. Instead, he preferred to enter the world of work and initially took on relatively simple jobs, which he did not enjoy very much. Unfortunately, he was constantly judged solely on his appearance and his work was never recognized, so he was often extremely demotivated and totally down.

A new chapter at RIEDEL Networks – Kingz in the biz

Lukas has now been part of the RIEDEL Networks team since 2023. At the beginning of his employment, he was deployed as a temporary sickness replacement in the warehouse. In the warehouse, Lukas is mainly responsible for preparing and shipping the hardware that is sent to our customers. Although some of his tasks are repetitive in his day-to-day work, he never gets bored at work. This is due to the unpredictable variety that keeps creeping into his tasks and, above all, the fun he has with his team and the other departments.

His hard work and commitment quickly won him over and he was soon taken on as a permanent member of the team in addition to filling in for him on sick leave. Since working at RIEDEL Networks, Lukas has been happy to leave the house in the morning again – sometimes even with his faithful four-legged companion Mia.

If you love what you do, you will never work again in your life. Confucius already recognized this.

Mia is also something of an employee at RIEDEL Networks and is part of the Feel Good Manager team. As most of our colleagues enjoy interacting with our Feel Good Managers, there is often a high volume of collegial traffic in the warehouse as soon as Mia is in the office. No wonder – studies show that the presence of office dogs (like Mia) reduces stress, increases general well-being and even promotes teamwork.

Mia Feel Good Manager at RIEDEL Networks Facts: Studies show that the presence of office dogs reduces stress, increases general well-being and even promotes teamwork.
Lukas and Mia at work

There's always time for a quick cuddle in between

Mia Feel Good Manager at RIEDEL Networks Facts: Studies show that the presence of office dogs reduces stress, increases general well-being and even promotes teamwork.
Mia, Feel Good Manager at RIEDEL Networks

Facts: Studies show that the presence of office dogs reduces stress, increases general well-being and even promotes teamwork.

The reason why not only Mia feels so comfortable at work, but also Lukas, is that RIEDEL Networks has a very open corporate culture. The entire RIEDEL Networks team treats each other with respect and as equals – whether C-level, senior or junior. All employees are seen as an important resource for the company and not just as a number. When asked what makes Lukas’ job special, he replied: “It’s a real pleasure to know that my daily work is meaningful for the company and that I get the feeling that I’m needed.

Luke’s story is an impressive example of how you can find your way even in difficult times. His journey shows that with openness and commitment, new opportunities can arise that take life in unexpected directions.

RIEDEL Networks as an employer

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RIEDEL Networks culture as a song

Of course, Lukas’ passion for music (production) did not remain undiscovered for long among his colleagues, which is why he was soon confronted with the idea of his own song. For Lukas, the company song quickly became a project close to his heart and after work he could often be found in his small private studio at home. The studio is a space that is constantly changing. To be more precise, a space that develops, because as is often the case, you start small with hobbies and realize your dreams little by little. It’s the same with the equipment in Lukas’ studio. Most recently, Lukas realized one of his dreams with a Lewitt LCT 1040 microphone – for those who are not so deep into the matter: pretty cool mic, very high quality with special setup and lighting effects. Be that as it may, it was in this very studio that Lukas had to write, record, edit and mix.

He also involved other RIEDEL Networks employees in the creation of the lyrics, as the song was not to be just any industry-related song. Rather, the aim was to produce a song that reflects the diversity of the RIEDEL Networks company and the people behind it.

If you want to get more insights into our corporate culture at RIEDEL Networks, listen to our company song!

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