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George Bernhard Shaw


Managed MPLS VPN

Whether data, voice and multimedia applications - our MPLS cloud connects the locations of your company, nationally and internationally to a corporate wide area network (WAN) based on an intelligent and private IP network. Your employees, departments, branch offices and also your affiliates can exchange information from any location or access your enterprise systems.


- Benefit from a permanent private IP network for the entire corporate communications

- Experience the highest quality, our QoS and 6 classes of service (COS) prevent jerky videos, interrupted data transfers or poor voice quality

- Experience a high level of reliability, faults are proactively identified and resolved quickly

- First-class service and total customer satisfaction

- Detailed reporting via our Performance Monitoring

- different access type from ADSL and SDSL over Leased Lines or Ethernet, Radio Link or Satellite.

The service is fully managed 24x7 proactive by Riedel Networks. We take over the provision and operation of the entire solution, including the local tails from our network to your locations and the router (CPE) on site.


Managed IPsec VPN

IPsec adds encryption and authentication mechanisms to the Internet protocol. This enables the Internet protocol to securely transfer IP packets via the public internet.

In an IPsec VPN secured connections are typically implemented between two fixed points, i.e. point to point. No matter where you and your employees are, for each site the access rules can be defined individually - the IPsec VPN thus offers maximum flexibility.


- Encrypted traffic

- Networking over the public Internet

- Integration of mobile and home office users with remote access worldwide

- Flexible expansion,

- Setup for potential Hybrid VPN along with a managed MPLS VPN

We can either use your existing Internet Access lines to avoid additional costs, or we implement new Internet Access lines fully and pro-actively managed by us.


Managed Ethernet

Riedel Networks provides a fully managed Ethernet Virtual Private Line service (EVPL) as E-Line and E-Tree according to the specifications of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). All versions of this Layer 2 services are using a so-called pseudowire on the MPLS network of Riedel Networks.

- Point to Point (E-Line)

- Point to Multipoint (E-Tree)

- VLAN and TOS Bit transparent

- QinQ single or double tagging

- from 2M - 1.000M

The service is fully managed 24x7 by Riedel Networks and offers the advantage of efficiency, ease of deployment and investment protection.

We use Cisco router as managed network termination unit at customer premises. You can get SNMP read access to the demarcation device and you can monitor the performance of your dedicated services all time by using our performance monitoring tool.


Managed RiLink

RiLink is the new way to connect broadcast live signals from remote event locations to the studio or to connect foreign studios with their home facility.

Based on Riedels own global backbone, the RiLink Global Fiber Service transports more than just the HD/SD-SDI video signals that would be furnished by satellite links in a conventional production. It also provides additional features like voice communication and internet access which significantly reduce complexity and costs for planning and operating of remote event productions.


- Video: ASI, 3G-/HD-/SD-SDI (H.264, MPEG2, JPEG2000 / 4:2:0, 4:2:2 / 10 bit video resolution)

- Audio: analog, AES3/EBU, MADI Communication, VoIP, Artist, TETRA-over-IP

- Data: TCP/IP, UDP, etc.

With RiLink we can provide our MediorNet WAN solutions H.264 or JPEG2000 encoders and decoders too, of course all managed 24x7.

Additional Features


Direct NOC Access

Riedel Networks provides its customers direct access to our engineers in our network operations center (NOC) on a 24x7 basis. This ensures direct communications.

Customers will always have an expert contact partner that understands his business and network.

The direct and personal contact provides a prompt and competent support.


Performance Monitoring

Riedel Networks provides the customer with a tool with intuitive web user interface for monitoring the network performance. Alternatively, there is the option to monitor the network remotely via smartphone apps for iOS® and Android®. Performance monitoring delivers graphically prepared statistical data on traffic trends in all VPN connections of the customer. Values like availabilty, utilization, round trip dealy and packet loss are displayed with updates every 60 seconds. In addition automated error or threshold notification can be send by SMS or eMail plus you can generate own service reports.


SNMP Access

On request, Riedel Networks sets up SNMP read access to the CE router for carriers, service providers and enterprises running their own network operations center.

This access gives the customer the opportunity to call on service parameters of the CE routers for its own evaluations with regard to availability and utilisation statistics. It as well allows you to bind in the CE routers into your NMS.

Version 2c of the SNMP protocol is provided on the CE routers.